Vision and Mission

All societies in this world which do not prosper both in object, virtue, morality or the property societies are able to be collapsed and be destroyed because people in those societies are selfish, ungenerous and lack of kindness. They always plan to take advantage of the others and gain profit to themselves or their groups.


Moreover, being selfish also makes people become a liar, dishonest and arrogant person who like to look down other people and isolate themselves, also can not get along with others. Furthermore, these people will not assist the society unless they can gain some benefits. Sometimes if they do not get anything or not satisfied with profit, they will destroy the society.


If the number of these selfish people keep increasing, the society will be severely damaged.

All religions, all the founder of the religious teach us that all societies and all people’s good life, bad life, happiness and sadness are related. Only one person or one society can not be rich, prosper and happy without any trouble, on the other hand, every societies can be prosperous, when the societies are overwhelmed by the kindness and follow 4 religious principles i.e.


1. Be sacrificed, forgiveness, share the asset, knowledge and goodwill.
2. Be honest, sincere, speak politely, help each other.
3. Adjust yourself to be suitable for the situation and society.
4. Support society and other people


Thai-Japan Spirit Foundation follow 4 religious principles in order to be a channel for those people who have good heart and spirit, who support and encourage people and society which need assistance or need to be developed both in object and virtue, who have the awareness of other people’s profit and peaces. We truly believe that the result of following these 4 principles will lead them to the happiness life in this life and next life.